AMSEL Clear waterproof phone bag with touchscreen with chain eyelet and carabiner - Pikto3000


Super light and simple bag you can use for your smartphone and other small items.

The bag is made of TPU which is a waterproof plastic fabric. The TPU used for this bah is really thin so you can use the touchscreen of your phone through the bag.

Removable nickel platted chain with rustproof carabiner.

Attention, the bag is completely waterproof except the zipper. I recommend you not to immerse the bag completely in water if your mobile phone is inside. But for walking under heavy rain, it will completely makes the job !

The label on the bag is made of reflectiv tape.

Dimensions of the bag : ca. 18,5 x 11cm
The chain length is 90 cm, on request we like to adjust the length.

To clean it, brush gently with soap and water and a soft brush.

Every bag is handmade small dissimilarities can happen.

Made in Leipzig.

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